Houdini FX Program

Study to become an FX artist for the film and games industry

Learn FX from artists who have worked on blockbuster films

If you want to create incredible effects for film and games, this hands-on FX simulation program is for you.

Guided by a professional film FX artist, you'll harness the true power of procedural, node-based workflow techniques to create destruction, explosions, and water simulations, learning how to model, texture, simulate and render cool VFX shots from scratch.

Benefits of this FX simulation program:

  • Learn directly from leading film FX artists 
  • 100% online, learn from anywhere
  • Financial aid for those who qualify
  • Career services and a supportive online community

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Get your career off to a great start with Hussian College powered by CG Spectrum. 

Hussian College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, (ACCSC), and has partnered with industry trainer CG Spectrum to deliver high-quality programs to prepare you for a fulfilling career in the entertainment industry.

Advance your career with mentorship from established industry professionals who will share their insights as you build job skills and a polished portfolio to show employers. Inquire today!



Study duration

16 months

Delivery Mode


What you'll learn in the Houdini FX program

Get more out of your education with a high quality curriculum, career services, live weekly sessions with your industry mentor, plus support, regular events, and networking in our amazing online community.

Start with the fundamentals of FX and simulations with Houdini software. Learn scripting with VEX and see how scripts can help create more complex VFX shots.

Next, you'll learn all about particles in Houdini and the concepts behind what drives them. Dive into advanced geometry concepts which will help you build assets for your VFX shots and ultimately destroy them!

Apply rendering techniques used in VFX production and start building your first fully rendered shots. 

Explore procedural modeling and create a believable destruction shot using Rigid Body Dynamics (RBD).

You’ll play with geometry fracturing and a range of FX solvers and constraints (Pin, String, and Glue Constraints) to dictate your simulation’s physical behavior.

No FX artist’s skill set is complete without knowing how to blow stuff up!

During this semester you’ll also discover how to create feature film quality smoke, fire, and explosions using the Pyro Solver and create impressive destruction shots. 

In this semester of FX simulation training, you’ll get your feet wet with liquid simulations.

Practice creating everything from a splash in a pond to a raging ocean, and efficient ways to speed up your render times.

You’ll learn how to create simulations for cloth, hair, and grains using the new Vellum solver.

By the end of this semester, you will have a deep understanding and hands-on experience creating realistic simulations for feature film and TV, along with impressive VFX shots for your portfolio. 

Discover how to polish and present your portfolio to impress employers, learn how to network and market yourself effectively, and understand how to tap into the hidden job market.

Learn all you need to know to take your work and package it up for post-study employment. You'll explore avenues to host your work on industry websites to gain visibility, as well as ways to host work on your own site in a professional manner. 

As a student you also get access to career services to get clear on your career goals, polish your CV/resume and portfolio, write appealing application letters. You'll also get an insight into freelancing: finding work, discussing finances, and applying standards for private client-based work. 

Graduate feeling ready and confident to kick-start your career in this exciting industry!

Equipment & software

For a complete list of program software and minimum computer system requirements please download the Hussian College Catalog. Click the link below and select the catalog for our "Online" campus!

Meet your mentors

All of our mentors are carefully vetted industry professionals who have worked at major studios on feature films and video games. Meet with your mentor each week for a live Q&A call and receive recorded personalized critiques on your assignments. See who you could be learning from!


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