2D Animation Program

Learn 2D animation and accelerate your career in film and games

Take the first steps towards becoming a 2D animator

Specialized online 2D animation program led by industry professionals to get you career-ready

Bring stories and characters to life in this online 2D animation program. Led by industry mentors who have worked on major films, games and TV shows at studios like Disney and DreamWorks, learn how to animate from scratch with Toon Boom software, build your portfolio, and get industry-ready. 

Benefits of this program:

  • Personalized mentorship from professional 2D animators
  • Develop practical job skills studios are hiring for
  • Access to career services and a supportive online community
  • Financial aid for those who qualify

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Get your career off to a great start!

Hussian College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, (ACCSC).

Advance your career with mentorship from established industry professionals who will share their insights as you build job skills and a polished portfolio to show employers. Inquire today!



Study duration

24 months

Delivery Mode


What you'll learn in the 2D animation program

Get more out of your education with a quality curriculum, career services, live weekly sessions with your industry mentor, plus support, regular events, and networking in our amazing online community.

Starting with the 12 Principles of Animation, you'll learn 2D animation fundamentals and begin putting them into practice with your first 2D pieces: the bouncing ball, flour sack jump, and a walk cycle. 

You'll discover how to add personality and emotion to your work while creating the illusion of three-dimensional space; learn key features of Toon Boom; and get familiar with drawing tools, posing, timing, spacing, the timeline, and X-sheet. 

This course focuses on drawing skills, advanced physical human and quadruped animation, and animating pantomime and simple dialogue scenes. You'll study the greats and discover what makes their work so captivating, learn the importance of silhouettes, how to use a variety of timing in your story, and gain speed creating thumbnails and key poses. 

By this stage, you’re ready for more advanced aspects of 2D: creating appealing characters, solid drawings, expressive acting, and FX animation. Increase your technical skills while working towards creating a polished dialogue scene. Finish the course by polishing your portfolio and exploring next steps with your mentor. 

Building on principles gained in prior courses, you'll add cutout animation to your skillset, learning techniques using Toon Boom Harmony’s peg and node animation system, then moving onto complex physical animations and rigging and animating bipeds and quadrupeds. With your instructor's guidance, you'll analyze strong cutout scenes and apply lessons to your own work. 

Push your skills further than you thought possible in this course. You'll jump into a variety of projects, including single and two-character dialogue acting scenes, using the cutout animation technique. You'll be introduced to Harmony’s FX and compositing tools and use them to add these elements to your dialogue scenes. 

In this semester, you'll discover how to polish and present your portfolio to impress employers, learn how to network and market yourself effectively, and understand how to tap into the hidden job market.

Learn all you need to know to take your visual work and package it up for post-study employment. You'll explore avenues to host your work on industry websites to gain visibility, as well as ways to host work on your own site in a professional manner. 

As a student you also get access to career services to get clear on your career goals, polish your CV/resume and portfolio, write appealing application letters. You'll also get an insight into freelancing: finding work, discussing finances, and applying standards for private client-based work. 

Graduate feeling ready and confident to kick-start your career in this exciting industry!

Equipment & software

For a complete list of program software and minimum computer system requirements please download the Hussian College Catalog. Click the link below and select the catalog for our "Online" campus!

Meet your mentors

All of our mentors are carefully vetted industry professionals who have worked at major studios on feature films and video games. Meet with your mentor each week for a live Q&A call and receive recorded personalized critiques on your assignments. See who you could be learning from!


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